Above all else, we are two seafood lovers with a passion for conserving our oceans. 

 Current Management

Arman started managing The Fish Counter in February of 2021, he was trained by Mike and Rob over a period of 3 months to ensure a smooth transition. "Over the past months I learned a lot about fish and the business. We have great customer who supported us through the transition and continue to do so. I continue to use the same product and suppliers Mike and Rob had already put in place, the quality of our fish and food means a lot to me and the Main St community. I'll always be honest with the customers that come through the door and try my best to answer your questions. If I don't know the answer I'll 100% have it the next time you come in."

Original Founders 

Chef Robert Clark


Chef, author, and sustainable seafood guru. Rob helped to grandfather the sustainable seafood movement in Canada (yes, he is that old!) He is the proud recipient of the Murray A. Newman Award for his conservation efforts. 



Mike McDermid


Marine biologist, conservationalist and sustainable seafood expert. Mike worked for the past ten years with the Vancouver Aquarium and proudly spearheaded the Ocean Wise program. 




Photography by

Charles Thompson and Richard Bell

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